Molecular Circuits

Automated Leak Analysis of Nucleic Acid Circuits

A deep learning model for predicting next-generation sequencing depth from DNA sequence

Domain-Specific Programming Languages for Computational Nucleic Acid Systems

A Logic Programming Language for Computational Nucleic Acid Devices

DNA-based communication in populations of synthetic protocells

Predicting DNA hybridization kinetics from sequence

Automated analysis of tethered DNA nanostructures using constraint solving

Automated, Constraint-Based Analysis of Tethered DNA Nanostructures

A spatially localized architecture for fast and modular DNA computing

A strand graph semantics for DNA-based computation

Modular verification of chemical reaction network encodings via serializability analysis

Probabilistic Analysis of Localized DNA Hybridization Circuits

Abstract Modelling of Tethered DNA Circuits

Computational Design of Reaction-Diffusion Patterns Using DNA-Based Chemical Reaction Networks

Computational Design of Nucleic Acid Feedback Control Circuits

Compiling DNA Strand Displacement Reactions Using a Functional Programming Language

Programmable chemical controllers made from DNA

Functional Analysis of Large-Scale DNA Strand Displacement Circuits

Modular Verification of DNA Strand Displacement Networks via Serializability Analysis

Design and analysis of DNA strand displacement devices using probabilistic model checking